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As a company that always want to provide the best products for its customers, PT. Cipta Mortar Utama vision, mission and quality policy that has always been in the grip work.
Vision? Being a manufacturer and BEST MAJOR Instant Cement in Indonesia with a series of reliable products and is used as a solution to build.
Provide information to consumers about the Indonesian construction materials in the correct way using instant cement.
Provide solutions for building materials Indonesian consumers by marketing a product that is practical and quality, namely Instant Cement Mortar Utama.
Meet customer needs and satisfaction are always evolving to continue to create and produce a complete range of products and fulfill the requirements. And we have a corporate culture that is dynamic, creative, and innovative as well as providing an opportunity for you to develop a career with us.


Pabrik Kawasan Industri MM 2100 Jl Sumbawa Kawasan Industri MM 2100 Bl F-1/1 Cibitung Bekasi 17520 Jawa Barat

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(021) 8981140

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