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Bara Bentala Indonesia believe that our community support plays an important role in our success. Over the years we strive to raise awareness for various causes within our local community, our clients, and stakeholders. Our program reaches out not only to our immediate location but also to areas beyond our domicile.

Several of our Philanthropic Activities include:
- Free Cataract Surgeries
- Free Cleft Lips Surgeries
- Free Health Care
- Disaster Relief (Aceh, Padang, Yogyakarta)

Our CSR Program involves a team of experts in health care, logistics, pharmaceutical, as well as local and central government bodies. Our past activities have received wide recognition by local and national organizations, including 2 (two) MURI Records in Cleft Lips Surgeries and Cataract Surgeries.

Our team is always open for new opportunities to serve the community. Please contact us should you be interested in becoming one of our philanthropic partners! 


Jl Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 126 Jakarta

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