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VersaTech is an information technology focused company. We are putting ourself apart from our competitors by providing information technology innovative as prerequisite for good technology governance.

VersaTech is a company that is ready to challenge the ever increasing market competition and strategic environment change in the dynamic era of globalization. We put ourself as a catalyst for IT innovation, we tailored IT Strategy and System Architecture to overcome internal barriers, enabling you to initiate the changes necessary to reduce costs, improve and contribute more to value creation within your organization.

We will help your companies to use technology innovatively as a strategic tool to transform your enterprises and achieve high performance at reduced costs. VersaTech treasure its clients very respectively and professionally. We understand how the needs of change from time to time and the challenges of coping with it. We offer professionals expertise and experienced consultants to assist organizations in improving and growing their business.

Why join us

In VERSA TECHNOLOGY, PT, we can not promise you a career path, but we can offer you Joyfull Workplace and Worthwhile Experiences .

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Jalan Ternate No.10 B/C, Cideng-Gambir, Jakarta Pusat 10150, Indonesia

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