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We are from one of the leading food and beverage manufacturing consumer goods companies in Indonesia.  The one segment our group has not entered yet is the dairy sector.  The dairy sector in Indonesia is still very under developed and our country currently imports more than 80% of our dairy products.  There is a growing demand for fresh dairy milk and the current supply cannot meet the demand.  Our group has a vision and a target for building in the next 5 - 8 years a population of at least 20,000 heads in several locations.  We have decided to enter into the Modern "U.S. style" feedlot dairy farms and have already acquired a suitable plot.  We have consulted a couple consultants regarding setting up the farm and we are at the stage of construction.

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021 - 83789446 Ext.103, 081299272892 PIC Desi


JL. Rafflesia. Blok Pari. Desa. Sukawangi Tarogong Kaler 44151 - Garut

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