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Setia Bersama,


is a professional company that dedicate themselves to the progress of the national agricultural technology to achieve national food self-sufficiency.

Established since 2014, in a very young age PT. Setia Bersama is a distributor of agricultural products quality.

With the vision and mission to help create a world developments in agriculture Indonesia so as to achieve national food self-sufficiency PT. Setia Bersama supported by experts as well as professionals in their field have always tried to distribute the highest quality products and has been through good quality control process.

Why join us

Being a company oriented to the progress and development of agriculture in the future which is the basic idea of the formation of our company, SETIA BERSAMA

Setia Bersama build the future of agriculture Indonesia together with all the stakeholders of the company to create employment in agriculture and the food needs better

1. Increase significantly Indonesian agricultural products that lead to improvements in the lives of all stakeholders as a whole
2. Providing protection to all employees of the company
3. Being a technology-based company in food and agriculture


Jl. Prof Dr. Soepomo No. 231 Crown Palace Blok C 9 Tebet Jakarta Selatan

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