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Schinder Law Firm is a comprehensive legal affiliated Law Firm. Designed for providing composite legal services to support clients' business activities. We corporately partnership with more then 20 professional lawyers. Our partners and lawyers are specialized in various areas of expertise. With reasonable specialization and sensible teamwork, our Law Firm has the ability to provide to our customers high- quality legal services in all fields. In the long course of our practice, we bring up many lawyers with rich experiences and strong theoretical foundations. Also, we established good relationships of cooperation with other well-known law firms in Indonesia and worldwide. Through this close cooperation, Schinder Law Firm have the ability to provide strong legal support for clients in their investments and business activities inside and outside Indonesia. Schinder Law Firm has various customer groups, including both large multinational companies and developing companies; traditional manufacturing businesses, domestic and foreign well-known investment banks, insurance companies, power plant companies, mining companies, oil and gas companies, foundations, real estate companies, telecommunications, IT, tourism and other service-oriented enterprises. We also provide legal services to government agencies, International organizations, foreign (consulate), Chamber of Commerce in Republic of Indonesia.

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AXA Tower 45th Floor,Jl.Prof.Dr.Satrio Kav.18 Setiabudi Jakarta Selatan

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