• Male / Female
  • Having experience Minimal 2 years
  • Min Diploma Civil Engineering
  • Maximal Age 25 Years Old
  • Creativity: You must be able to think of new systems and new ways to work. You must be able to think creatively and ask the right questions.
  • Math Skills: You must understand complex mathematical analysis, calculus, and other mathematics for design and troubleshooting.
  • Mechanical Skills: The ability to understand mechanical concepts and processes easily, as well as use equipment and tools will help you in your profession.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Engineers work to develop new solutions to problems. You will need the skills to identify the source of the problem and create and test solutions.
  • Teamwork: Engineers will be part of a team in developing systems, fixing problems or creating solutions. You will need to work well with others in order to get the job done.
  • Listening Skills: Listening to workers, teammates and management is crucial to an engineer's job.
  • Communication Skills: You must be able to communicate your plans, thoughts, and rationale in your job. Good communication skills will help you greatly in accomplishing your job.
  • Project Management: Large-scale project require the ability to manage time, supplies, personnel and funds.
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Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT. Binanusa Pracetak & Rekayasa that abbreviated PT. BPR is a consulting company that specializes in engineering precast structural system. Through joint ventures and research with several state company (BUMN) and private companies that authorized a single license, the company is also at the same time acting as a manufacturer of precast structural systems that generated through the process of research and development activities. Research and development activities undertaken to acquire a new system or to develop a system which has been known to obtain systems that are innovative, efficient , effective and competitive. PT. BPR has formed a partnership with three (3 ) state contractors (BUMN), namely PT. Istaka Karya (Persero), PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) and PT . Perusahaan Pembangunan (Persero) , and one of National Private construction companies such as PT. Paesa Pasindo Engineering. PT. BPR has always take into consideration the speed, reliability and all the overall economy that constitute the development demands in the future. It also encourages the company continues to focus its efforts on the creation and production of precast structural components and systems. PT. BPR is very aware that the necessity of development in Indonesia will increase rapidly in the future, especially in an effort to fulfill the growing needs of the community. Various sector that constitute the major leading sectors and include housing, education, health, transportation and economics. That various sectors require infrastructure that can be built quickly, but without neglecting the aspect of beauty , comfort and strength and so structural safety. The work that we produce is a conceptual contribution and hard work of the entire staff of the company whose called to innovate in order to liberate the dependence on precast products which is still largely dominated by imported products. Based on experience, many encountered some imported products which were less in accordance with Indonesia’s natural behavior, especially in anticipation of seismic hazard. To answer that, we have produced quality precast structural system and patented in Patent Directorate of the Department of Justice as you can see in our company’s certificates and patents page.