Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
Wood United is a privately owned Group consisting of various companies in all kinds of businesses areas.
The companies main focus is to create durable and sustainable business on a global scale. Group growth comes from individual company growth as well as from acquisition and the founding of new companies.

Wood United is always interested in new business opportunities
As we are building a global group in all markets we are always open to suggestions on business propositions.

Timber business
The Wood United shareholders have been in the timber and construction business for many generations and are all successful and proven entrepreneurs.
The current core business of Wood United is durable forestry, sawmilling, processing and production, purchase, trade and marketing of timber related products in all forms, from raw material to finished products on a global scale.
With our history and experience in all facets of this industry we have a unique added value for our suppliers, customers, partners and the country where our business is located.

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