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Deskripsi Perusahaan
Who We are:  3+ Projects was established at the beginning of year 2014. From our team’s  experiences in  LED  lighting and  other  electrical products, we see a need for   technically savvy LED  lighting consulting and supplier for  the commercial sector in  Jakarta. Through our network and knowledge,  we form this company to fulfill the ever-increasing need for  maximum energy saving from LED lighting products.
What we do: Our company specializes in providing solution to your lighting needs, be it commercial or  residential space. LED  technology has opened up a whole new world of  lighting that we never knew existed. This  technology has allowed us  to create light in any form. This  is why the art of  lighting has never been sexier than what it is today.
What make us different: “Our passion for LED lighting will surpass your expectation” Lighting is part  engineering and part  art.

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