• Bachelor degree in Architecture.
  • Able to speak and write in English
  • Minimum 5 years of site experience related to architectural technical and quality, especially in high-end residential project
  • Preferably from Interior Design Firm.
  • Basic knowledge in site safety.
    • Aware of local/ international Standards (e.g. SNI, ACI) used in construction.

Reporting To : Senior Manager - Construction

  • The Technical Architect will be responsible for ensuring that site quality and technical standards is in accordance to the company requirements (Kajima Indonesia Standard Requirements) and the Consultant's requirements.
  • The Technical Architect will also be responsible for coordinating and monitoring site quality related activities with the site QC personnel including collecting necessary data from them for analysis and feedback.
  • The Technical Architect responsibilities include but not limited to the following.
    • **Head Office**
      • A. Tender.
        • Reviewing tender architectural finishes and advising on VECD (if any)
        • Reviewing tender architectural details and proposing better/ more efficient details.
        • Follow up on tender clarification questions including producing necessary supporting documents.


      • B. Company's continual improvement development.
        • Writing/ developing KISR (Kajima Indonesia Standard Requirements) document related to architectural works including training slides and exam questions.
        • Writing/ developing KITD (Kajima Indonesia Technical Document).
        • Producing other documents (e.g. method statement, QC flow chart, test method, etc.) as instructed by Senior Manager
        • Construction or Technical Manager.
        • Provide training to head office staff on KISR, KITD and any other technical requirements.

C. Ensure that all Technical Department filing related to architectural work is in order.


  • D. Attend internal and external audit related to Technical Department and follow-up on any highlighted issues.
    • **Project**
      • Conduct KISR training to all new project
      • Review architectural method statement, technical documents produced by site/ sub-cont to ensure compliance with KISR or Consultant's requirements.
      • Participate in KTMS events, i.e. Pre-Construction meeting, Mid-Term Inspection, Closed-out Inspection and Feedback meeting or any other meeting/ event (e.g. factory inspection, witnessing test, etc.) as instructed by Senior Manager Construction or Technical Manager.
      • Conduct site patrol to ensure site physical work and documentation comply to standards and specifications. This include inspection of actual work (espcially architectural works) on site and checking QC documentation, e.g. inspection checklist. Providing technical support to site including answering site technical queries, research on new materials/ method, calculation, advising site QC, etc.
      • Assist in compilation of handing-over documents, if required.
      • Participate in handing-over and maintenance inspection
    • Others:
      • Position will be based in Head Office but will be required to travel regularly to all Kajima Indonesia's project site.
      • This position is currently a contract position. The conversion to permanent position will depend on the Employee performance during the contract period
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Since its establishment in 1975, PT Kajima Indonesia has grown into a leading company that provides design and engineering, construction and development with International recognition. Throughout the decades, we have been praised for our visionary acumen in such area as office building, condominium, educational complex, industrial facility and interior work. This long history as a pioneering building construction company delivering the architectural feats demanded by the changing eras has been made possible by strong technological capabilities fostered by qualified professionals and highly trained engineers, supervisors, inspectors, operators and skilled draftsmen. This combined with our rich experience from past successes, innovative know how and creativity ensures that we can provide specialist in every field.

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