E Commerce Supervisor



    Tanggung jawab dan Lingkup Kerja :
    • Mengolah data excel
    • Memastikan mengupload foto produk dan Katalog Produk di tiap minggunya
    • Memastikan foto produk katalog sudah dalam kualitas terbaik
    • Mengelola Media sosial
    • Memroses orderan
    • Update Harga & Stok
    • Mengupdate konten website perusahaan
    • Developing website
    • Mengatur photo shoot untuk katalog
    Kualifikasi :
    • Usia: 20 s/d 26 tahun
    • Pendidikan minimal S1
    • Pengalaman kerja di bidangnya minimal 1 tahun di bidang yang sama
    • Kemampuan tekhnis: menguasai formula MS Excel, menguasai Photo editing menggunakan photoshop, menguasai web programming & web design (HTML, PHP, javascript, CSS, MySQL), mampu menggunakan framework spt codeigniter
    • Mampu bekerja dengan deadline
    • Domisili/Telah berdomisili di Bali, dan memiliki kendaraan sendiri
    • Dapat bergabung secepatnya
    Ke halaman perekrut
    Lowongan pekerjaan ini kemungkinan telah berakhir.

    Deskripsi Perusahaan

    Established in 2002, PT. Bestari Jaya, is a growing fashion retail company based in Bali, Indonesia. Over the last decade, we have been continually expanding our business to meet the needs and expectations of our loyal consumers and society as a whole. Currently we are operating 33 stores throughout Indonesia, which consist of Rip Curl Flagship, Shine Accessories, Fleur, Palm Lagoon, and still expanding.
    PT. Bestari Jaya is looking for a true leader with high spirit and exceptional experiences to join our team.
    We are currently operating 3 divisions in our company consisting of Clothing (Rip Curl Flagship, Fleur, Palm Lagoon), Shine accesories, Watches (Elysee, Pieree Lanier, Fashion TV)
    We area expecting to go national at the 2014, so please do mind and pay attention to our job advertisement so that we can reach your talent and getting everything’s right.
    With Bali as our main base, here's the thing that you will get:
    • Less traffic (there’s still traffic but still  not as bad as in Jakarta or Surabaya)
    • An actual sunset on weekend surrounded by international crowd
    • Smell of the sea
    • Open minded people who won't care less about you.

    If think you can handle all of the things listed above then welcome to our company