Senior Recruitment Executive



    Cermati is looking for a driven and efficient candidate to join our team as a Senior Recruitment Executive. You will take an important role in an early startup where you have an exposure to the HR processes in our company. You will also be responsible for the end-to-end management of the recruitment process.

    Join us if you flourish in a fast-paced, open, meritocratic and casual workplace where you will work with the best team. Our team members have been parts of successful global technology companies (Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft) and we have shipped apps and websites that are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.
    • Manage full recruitment cycle from sourcing to closing
    • Attract candidate from various sources such as social media, own network, job portals, and more
    • Screen candidates and conduct interviews
    • Manage various recruitment channels and expand to new channels
    • Manage and continuously improve onboarding and offboarding process
    • Drive recruitment projects such as campus branding and recruitment
    • Keep track and analyse metrics such as hiring funnel and turnover rate
    • A bachelor degree or equivalent in Psychology, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour or Management
    • Minimal 3 years experience in relevant field
    • Proven track record of recruitment management and hands on experience with the recruitment process (phone screen, interviews, background check, etc.)
    • Ability to manage time, stress, expectations, and team members
    • Self-motivated, goal-oriented, and user-focused
    • Ability to solve problems, recognize patterns, perform analysis, and plan forward
    • Comfortable working with ambiguity and rapid change
    • Bonus if you are able to:
      • Analyse and anticipate hiring needs and develop innovative recruitment strategies
      • Develop and implement HR policies for manpower planning, recruitment, and selection
    What's in it for you
    • Opportunity to learn how to run a startup company especially from the manpower management perspective
    • We are an early stage startup company so you will be part of the people who shape the company, who grow the business, and develop the culture
    • Board gaming session and occasional free snacks!

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        Jl. Letjen. S. Parman, Tomang, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

        Deskripsi Perusahaan

        Perusahaan kami ada perusahaan startup yang bergerak di bidang teknologi finansial. Misi perusahaan kami adalah untuk memudahkan masyarakat Indonesia memahami produk-produk finansial yang tersedia bagi mereka. Sering kali informasi produk finansial tidak mudah ditemukan dan kalaupun ada, informasi tersebut sering dijelaskan dengan bahasa yang sulit dimengerti. Kami ingin membantu masyarakat Indonesia untuk mendapatkan produk finansial yang ideal dengan mencermati semua penawaran dari seluruh bank dan institusi supaya mereka bisa berhemat. Untuk mempelajari setiap detail dari informasi tersebut orang-orang sering kali harus menghabiskan banyak waktu dan energi. Namun karena keterbatasan waktu dan energi, mereka akhirnya menggunakan produk finansial yang kurang optimal bagi mereka. Visi kami adalah untuk menjadikan semua orang-orang Indonesia menjadi orang-orang yang cermat di dunia finansial. Produk kami adalah situs pembanding kartu kredit, KPR, KTA, asuransi dan berbagai macam produk-produk finansial lainnya. Kami juga membantu mereka untuk mendaftar berbagai produk tersebut. Target market kami adalah masyarakat awam yang sedang mencari produk finansial seperti kartu kredit, KPR, kredit mobil, asuransi, deposito dan sebagainya.

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