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Duties of the internal control manager are:
  • Compliance Procedures
    • To  review existing accounting and financial controls and other legal compliance processes in place and make any necessary revisions or additions. In doing so, she communicates urgent changes immediately with department managers and staff
    • To work with human resources to update policy manuals and other documentation to ensure immediate compliance by all staff involved.
  • Internal Audits and Reviews
    • To conduct  regular internal audits and reviews to assess the compliance of departments and individual employees.
    • To  review processes and records to see that accountants are operating in line with generally accepted accounting principles, laws, industry and company standards. The results of the reviews are shared with managers to aid in feedback, training and development to ensure greater overall compliance.
  • Training and Development
    • To address specific training and development needs to fill compliance gaps. As a result of comparing department and employee activities to prescribed standards, the officer identifies specific gaps.
    • To  meet or communicate  with the CEO, division or department managers to advise them of necessary training to bring the company, a department or particular employees up to speed on compliance standards. New government regulations sometimes necessitate additional training.
  • Liaison
    • To act as the go-between with his company and external government and auditing agencies. He must stay on top of changes in accounting and external audit procedures to ensure his company is in compliance.
    • To communicate  with other governmental agencies or legal professionals with insights into changing regulations, standard compliance practices and other changes that may impact the merit of current internal control policies
Requirements :
  • Having experience of at least 3 years as internal auditor
  • Age below 40 years old
  • Minimum Education Bachelor degree in Accounting
  • Familiar with MS-WORD & EXCEL
  • Fluent in oral & written English

Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
PT. Global Secont, proud to be one of the leading security companies in Indonesia which serving both of Security and investigation field for the wide range of institutional, business and industrial markets.

Founded in 1998, at the dawn of an age in which the security and investigation industries would flourish like never before. Over the years, we expanded our horizons to serve warehouse, companies, schools, retail,  commercial property, residential homes, and department stores.

We currently circle our customers with value-added security investigation and service solutions through complementary between security and investigation, product and equipment supporting the services, costumer care unit, complain unit, QRT (Quick Response Team), and also good relationship maintained with the Police apparatus as well as with the Army supports PT. Global Secont greatly in achieving success for each case it handles. Each of these is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality, most highly effective services.
GSC was established in 1998, by H. Ronnie Hidayat Marikar, MBA who at present acts as the President Director of PT. Global Secont (as the abbreviation of PT. Global Security Consultant).

Since its establishment,  GSC has attracted much public interest for its success both in the field of investigation and Guard Management. Good relationship that is always maintained between GSC and the Police apparatus as well as with the Army supports GSC greatly in achieving success for each case it handles.

As one of the companies engaging in the industrial security, GSC still exists in its field amidst its many competitors and increasing business competition. Its wide cover-area, strong network with the success level of above 80 % supported by the experts in their fields, GSC has attained many commissions from domestic and foreign companies to solve important cases. GSC is still working on its business development by reaching other territories /regions, such as Java Island, Bali Island, Lampung and Kalimantan.
Product & Services
The professionals at PT. Global Security Consultant customize individual and unique methods of protection that will ensure the safety of our clients.

Following list of our services and products:

Domestic/ international executive protection
Executive security consulting, auditing
Security Consulting, planning, risk analysis surveys
Threat assessment
Surveillance detection
Estate & celebrity protection
Professional security driver
Special mission team, physical security
CCTV, DVR, access control, burglar alarm
Private and background  investigation
Interactive central monitoring station
Metal and Smoke Detector. look under mirror
Comprehensive Information Security Programs
Conference / Meeting Security, monitoring Program
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Debugging)
Trademark & Character Licensing

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