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Deskripsi Perusahaan
Moda Kreasi Laras Visi - MKLAV [em.klaf] started its operation in 2012 and was established as a company in 2013, driven by mutual passion and great vision of three fashion designers; Cyntia Gading, Emily Y. Wijaya, and Veronika Tanukusuma.

The three crossed paths when teaching as lecturers of Fashion Design and Fashion Business majors in Lasalle College International, Jakarta, a promiment design institution with international education standards.

MKLAV is a creative-fashion apparel company, specialized in private and group orders, both in retailing and manufacturing. The company maintains two brands; Veronique & Emilie and KLAUS & CO. Each brand has its own identity, differentiated by its business model, products, and customer segments.


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