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Another opening vacancy in a growing digital branding agency, this time for:
FULL TIME copywriters / content writers

- Fresh graduates (with a strong portfolio) or 1 year-working-experience in CREATIVE WRITING
- Major in communication and advertising

- The ability to translate both tone of voice and brand personalities of our clients into creative and engaging contents

- Preferably to have an intermediate level of English proficiency

- Must possess a dynamic and vibrant quality to her/his personality
The scope of work will revolve around, but not limited to:

- Create creative messages on digital platforms in the form of weekly social media content, creative articles, headlines, taglines, call to actions, etc.

- Edit and proofread clients' contents so as to be in line with the brand's tone of voice

Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
We Design Dreams, Bridge Gaps and Activate!
Label Ideas & Co. is a group of gutsy, brave, and truthful brand zealots who cultivate local brands into a global stage. We seek to connect brands with users by bridging market demand and business ambition.
Just like an Angler Fish , who have the ability to live in the darkest areas of the ocean using only one light on their head, Label aims to be the light into the branding world. The Angler's behavior reflects the value of energy conservation. As efficient creatures, Label's fins and tails are able to hunt and forage with a strong efficiency and enhanced problem-solving skills.

Our Services Includes :
Brand Research, Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Copywriting, Collateral Design, Web Design, Application Design, Web & App Development, Social Media Management

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