Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Main Responsibility         :              
HLC will have the skills and significant experience to lead and manage Legal Services for the company and act as country’s General Counsel to provide legal advices and supports to organization, including strategically representing the Company on behalf of Board of Directors. As part of Executive Management, his/her roles is to focus on strategy for Company’s long term growth and sustainability of business, including to support any business initiatives and goals and at the same time to protect Company’s business interest. Report to CEO and global Chief Counsel.
Accountability and KPI’s Critical Tasks and Expected Contributions/Results:
  • To lead, manage and develop Legal Services in accordance Company’s policies and procedures, regulatory requirements, including strategic direction from global Chief Counsel and country’s CEO;
  • Oversee and monitor the legal aspects of organization and its transaction, in order to protect company’s interest and support company’s business strategy;
  • Oversee and monitor the implementation of Corporate Compliance Program and its evaluation;
  • Strategically defense of the organization against suits and/or claims and lead the prosecution of the organization’s claims against others, by leading both of internal and external counsel;
  • To lead and coordinate with other relevant department in implementing robust control and monitoring in company’s business process to maintain robust compliance;
  • To provide independent advices to CEO or other Senior Leadership Team, including views on any strategic development related to local regulatory, politics and economic that might have impact to organization;
  • Dealing with government and/or commercial partners to support company’s business strategy;
  • Strengthening company’s relation and networking to relevant government institutions and key associations and foreign chambers of commerce;
  • Supervise and develop sub-ordinate as robust team, focus on strategy to build strong people and strong process in Legal and Compliance Department.
  • Team Engagement: Develop bonding team with sound and competitive working environment.

Qualifications     :              
•             Bachelor Degree at Law, preferably Master Degree at Law;
•             More than 15 years of experience in relevant sectors; and
•             Preferably hold Indonesia’s Advocates License.
•             LOMA
•             PKPA, Advocates License
•             Negotiation skills
•             Influence Leadership
•             Government Relations strategy
•             Networking

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