Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Job Responsibility:
  • Melaksanakan penjualan produk Perusahaan dalam rangka pencapaian target penjualan Perusahaan khususnya Traditional Market
  • Melakukan Strategi dan pengembangan pemasaran
  • Maintenance pelanggan yang sudah berjalan serta mampu mencari pelanggan baru dan Toko baru
  • Mampu menangani keluhan pelanggan
  • Usia maksimal 35 tahun
  • Pendidikan minimal SMA
  • Pengalaman kerja minimal 2 tahun sebagai Sales di bidang retail
  • Siap bekerja sesuai dengan jam sales
  • Bersedia ditugaskan keluar kota bila dibutuhkan
  • Wajib memiliki kendaraan motor
  • Tidak sedang kuliah atau berencana untuk kuliah
  • Jam Kerja : Senin sd Sabtu Jam 09.00 - selesai
  • Diutamakan menguasai Wilayah Jabodetabek
  • Berorientasi pada target sales
Bagi kandidat yang mencantumkan Pas foto, akan dipercepat untuk panggilan proses interviewnya.
  • Benefit : Insentif / komisi 5 juta s/d 15 juta diluar gaji.
  • Fasilitas : Gaji pokok + Tunjangan makan + Tunjangan kerajinan + komisi setiap bulan

Kirimkan surat lamaran & CV lengkap anda ke
Komplek Niaga Roxy Mas Blok C4 No. 27
Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari
Jakarta Pusat.

Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
Started in 2004 in Jakarta, with expertise and a strong belief that the people of Indonesia have a need for their cellular telephone accessories are of high quality, so we started this business with a strong commitment to bringing high-quality accessories just for you. Our primary focus is screen protective film screen high quality movies are divided into several categories, namely: - Fluorine Coating / Teflon Coating - Blue Light Cut / Anti Radiation Blue Rays - Anti Shock / Hold pressure against objects - Anti Glare - Anti Finger Print - Privacy film - Mirror Effect - Glitter Effect - and other variants which have international quality. At the start of our first product launched using the name "Screen Mask" and now the general public has known and synonymous with the term SCREEN PROTECTOR. Now our company is growing and developing into a very wide distribution network in major cities throughout Indonesia and also add variety accessories products such as portable Power Station, Leather cases and Hard case and also we are the FIRST in providing services to innovate INDONESIA lifetime warranty against SCREEN PROTECTOR us, and we provide a warranty in the form of Guarantee Card. There are many types SCREEN PROTECTOR on the market, but we are really just focus SCREEN PROTECTOR engaged in this, first we present the market since we've been many times to improve the quality of our ingredients, and until now we were still innovating and making maximum efforts, our product superiority compared to other products on the market that our technology does not use glue or Adhesive so that when released will not leave any residue or marks on the phone screen, we use silicone that does not require glue but can stick perfectly on the phone screen, our products are also more resistant to scratches, not easily scratched and endurance test using a tool such as ballpoint, cutter blades and drill hands of our products will not penetrate through to the main screen with a thickness of only 0.2 mm Our products also do not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen phones. Up to now we employ approximately 130 employees and we have 10,000 resellers spread across Indonesia, and we will continue to innovate for Gadget lovers satisfaction in protecting the screen of their mobile phone.
Why join us

Vision and Mission
Our vision is to become a successful and growing company, our products are the top choice of consumers and our brand well diingatan embedded community and provide more value to our customers and business partners throughout Indonesia. mission
Our mission is to supply the needs of mobile phone Accessories products to consumers are very concerned about quality and customer satisfaction, which in turn provide benefits to companies and business partners throughout Indonesia.


Jl. Kh. Hasyim Ashari, Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

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