Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Gaze Asia is looking for a full-time Wordpress Magician. No, seriously. We don’t need the obvious. We need to make the impossible happen. And wow our clients.


  • Have at least 2 years of developing eperience using wordpress
  • Understand wordpress secure configuration and deployment
  • Understand wordpress plugins and how to maintain them
  • Can implement graphic designs onto web with PHP, HTML, SASS/CSS, JS

You even:

  • Have magic tricks with code to show off.
  • Know more than Wordpress alone.

You won’t be downloading a template, plugins and tweak the CSS; that’s for rookies. We mean real magic, making your own templates, functionality and plugins from scratch and squeezing the most out of Wordpress.

For instance, next to custom event websites and webshops, we did magic for our international and national clients like ‘A Pinterest for fashion’, a photography competition, a Digital Magazine Editor, App Content CMS’s, Scratch & Win games, Sales Incentive games where teams race teams. All with Wordpress. And we need you to make more magic happen.

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