Senior Vice President – Senior Account Director Job (Public Relations), Jakarta



    Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia is currently recruiting on behalf of a world-leading public relations firm with operations in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our respected client is seeking for a Senior Vice President/Senior Account Director to ensure client and agency business objectives are met, including effectively managing clients, projects, and teams while delivering integrated thinking rooted in insights.
    Key job responsibilities:
    Posess deep understanding on clients’ businesses
    • Think and program across various platforms, channels, and audiences
    • Consistently identify business problems and is able to solve and ensure they are understood by the team
    • Maintain intimate understanding of clients’ businesses, priorities, pain points, and competitive landscape
    • Capitalize on new opportunities
    Assemble, build, and lead integrated teams
    • Reflect understanding of clients’ current needs and anticipate for the future
    • Evolve, promote, and protect clients’ interests
    • Delineate team roles and manage intra-team conflict
    • Serve as clients’ advocate within the firm and ensure broad understanding on business, goals, and point of view
    • Facilitate proper expertise against clients needs
    • Implement and support initiatives to create positive changes
    Measure, monitor, and advance client-agency relationship
    • Manage client relationship mapping and development across portfolio
    • Identify and acknowlegde problems swiftly and directly; offers solutions and course-corrects as needed
    • Manage and monitor client relationship using formal and informal tools as well as touch points
    • Oversee client budget management and forecasting; proactively address changes in scope and delays in client invoice payment
    • Create growth plans for bringing in new capabilities against client needs
    • Seek out new clients and actively participate in full new business process
    • Participate in development and adoption of new products, services, development of IP and thought leadership materials
    Job Requirements
    • At least 10 years of experience in Communications Marketing and/or related fields; including research, advertising, management consulting, media, and publishing
    • Commendable confidence and conviction in in presenting ideas and providing counsel to internal and external audiences
    • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
    • Ability to manage competing interests
    • Strong communication skills
    • English proficiency

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    Jl TB Simatupang, Kav. 36 Jakarta, Sovreign Plaza Building, 16th Floor

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