Deskripsi Pekerjaan

High-paying General Manager  高薪總經理

Our global cooperate is developing renewable energy, traditional energy or infrastructure projects in region of ASEAN.

我們的全球公司正在整個東協十國地區開發新的可再生能源, 傳統能源或基本建設項目.

We are looking for proactive, inventive, and dynamic resources who are strongly determined to be integrated into a multicultural context and are willing to commit themselves to the company’s changes and its internationalization process

我們正在尋找創造性的, 積極的和動態的資源, 並有強烈的決心融入多元文化背景, 並願意為該公司的變化和其國際化進程作出承諾.

Our demand is to provide a general manager of a merger and acquisitions of solar, wind, fire. Tides, and other renewable and conventional energy of the power plant construction projects

我們需求的是一位總經理可提供出一個可合併與收購的太陽能, 風力, 火力. 潮夕,等可再生與傳統能源之電廠建設項目

If you are the right person please also specify with some brieft of project hisotry along with the CV.

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