Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
PT. SAS ENTERPRISE is a BTL Agency that engaged in project handling services like Exhibition Event, Gathering, Wedding Organizer, Promotion, presscon and related activities.
These are the following project that handled by PT. SAS ENTERPRISE :
◦ Multinational :
Samsung : Ambas/ Promoter & team display
LG : Handle Exhibitions, Delivery Agent
XL : National Team display
Energizer : Handle Event
Jack Daniel : Ambas/ Promoter
Mild Seven Ciggarete : Ambas/ Promoter
Ford : Handle Event
Guiness : Ambas/ Promoter  & handle event
Alcatel : Press Conference venue arrangement
Unilever : School to School roadshow
Nestle : Handle exhibiton/ Roadshow
HTC : Handle promoter & Team display
LG : Handle Exhibitions
HONDA : Handle dealer gathering event (nationwide)
Kaltim Pacific Amoniac (Amoniac Industry) : Handle event
Samsung : Ambas/ Promoter
Panasonic : Models Agency


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