Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

Compelled from a will to contribute towards the Indonesian national defense and security, PT. InspirasiPuteraMandiri (IPM) are motivated to introduce new technologies in order to uphold the nations integrity.

Founded by a group of experts and supervised by former high ranking officers of the Indonesian Armed Forces, PT. InspirasiPuteraMandiri was established with a high level of discipline, integrity and professionalism.  PT. InspirasiPuteraMandiri are currently affiliated with several international manufacturer and principals whom are focused in areas such as Information Technology, Aviation Test Equipments, Aviation Ground Support Equipments, Aircraft Spare Parts, Radar Systems, Special/Tactical Equipments and Military Gears. We consider that the national resilience has to be maintained and uphold from the possibility of both external and internal threats. Therefor the readiness of Indonesia’s Armed Forces has to be at its optimum level and we are here to support this.

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