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    • • Our vision is to become the leading technology solution provider
    • • We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues
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    Job Description
    1.  Assess and analyze data requirement to support data related project
    2.  Responsible for data mapping from source system to target in a project
    3.  Design solution required for a process in project
    4.  To analyze data source, data type, and data structure for both source and target
    5.  Define, analyze and develop the test criteria during unit testing activities in development phase or supporting the test case/script during SIT
    6.  Actively participate on project workshop or meeting.
    7.  Provide  all  documentation  deliverables  related  with  the developed solution for this project.
    8. Support Production that has been developed for this project for the first few months after go-live.
    1.  Able to design, develop, test, and maintaining relational database, database query, stored procedure, etc.
    2.  Have capability to investigate issues that relate to database system
    3.  Able to do SQL tuning and performance optimization of a database system
    4.  Able to create Entity Relationship Diagram for project needs
    5.  Able to create database objects such as tables, views, stored procedure, trigger, constraint, etc.
    6.  Able to maintain referential integrity, domain integrity, and column integrity inside a database system
    7.  Identifying field or columns that can be used as primary keys, foreign keys, index,
    function index, etc.
    8.  Able to create data mart or data model that has been defined for a project
    9.  Able to create a BI design and solution that can suffice the requirement of a project
    10. Have capability to create report model or template for report or dashboard generator
    11. Have capability to create report and do a report deployment using IBM Cognos
    Business Intelligence
    12. Able to create a design of BI solution that can meet the project requirement
    13. Able to debugging, monitoring, and troubleshooting issues related with BI solution
    14. Have capability to create relational and dimensional database query
    15. Able to do configuration, deployment, and maintenance of a database system

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    Deskripsi Perusahaan

    Our vision is to become the leading technology solution provider that helps organization by creating exceptional added value, utilizing information technology.

    We work with our client to define and execute the most valuable and suitable solution for their organization. With more than 10 years’ experience in Application Development, Managed Service, and Professional Service, enable Ecomindo to execute best-practice method in our projects, thus delivering high quality result, on time.

    We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. Together, we improve organization efficiency, enable new opportunity, and create competitive advantage. We do our best to become a trustworthy partner in technology and services development.

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