Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Requerment :
  • Familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS languages, front-end interface development, and all kinds of Web architectures. Familiar with TCP/IP protocol and HTTP protocol. Proficient in Java language and familiar with object-oriented design. Be able to use the Wireshark tool to capture packets for analysis.
  • Have a degree of communications, computer science, or related major and at least one-year experience in Web client development.
  • Strong document writing capability and good coding style.
  • Initiative, and able to work under pressure. Have high team spirit and strong learning capability, good coordination skills and strong sense of responsibilities.
  • Be able to complete software development independently in software projects. Be able to accurately evaluate customer requirements and give useful advice. Be able to resolve technical difficulties independently.
  • Strong code reading skills and learning capability. Those who have team management experience are preferred.
  • Those who have developed special-effect interfaces or experienced whole projects are preferred.
Jobdesk :
  • Develop EPG Template software.
  • Make IPTV product maintenance and trouble shooting on site, solve problem follow SLA"
Base in Jakarta

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