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PT Elnusa Fabrikasi Konstruksi (Jakarta)

Civil & Structure Engineer

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


  • Menyiapkan metode kerja dan prosedur kerja berdasarkan spesifikasi project
  • Membuat laporan analisa dan kalkulasi design seperti desain pondasi, desain struktur, detail koneksi sejak fase fabrikasi, load out hingga konstruksi
  • Berkomunikasi dengan disiplin lain termasuk kepada client dalam hubungannya dengan aktivitas engineering
  • Mengawasi pekerjaan konstruksi sipil dan struktur di lapangan
  • Memberi masukan teknis pada fase konstruksi dan membuat laporan pekerjaan
Kualifikasi :
  • S1 Teknik Sipil/ Teknik Kelautan bidang keahlian struktur, Fresh graduates dipersilahkan melamar.
  • Memahami standard sipil dan struktur di oil and gas company seperti SNI, AISC, API, DNV, AWS
  • Memahami Gambar Kerja (GA drawing, detail drawing, shop drawing, construction drawing)
  • Berpengalaman di Bidang Migas
  • Bisa Berbicara menggunakan bahasa inggris dengan lancar
  • Bisa mengoperasikan software SACS, Staad Pro, AFES,  AutoCad dan Ms.Office
  • Jujur, Teliti, Bertanggung Jawab, Disiplin, Bekerja Keras dan Mampu bekerja dibawah tekanan
  • Bersedia bekerja di site sesuai dengan lokasi project

Data pekerjaan

LokasiJakarta SelatanDKI Jakarta
IndustriArsitektur / Bangunan / Konstruksi

Teknik Sipil - Konstruksi / Bangunan


Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT ELNUSA FABRIKASI KONSTRUKSI (EFK) ext PT PURNA BINA NUSA (PBN) is a subsidiary company of PT ELNUSA Tbk. EFK has two Plants in Batam; OCTG Supply, Oil & Gas Fabrication Construction Services Company. Both plants adjacent to each other, occupy 8.3 Ha of Elnusa’s 10 Ha land in front of Batu Ampar harbour.
Land area of OCTG Threading Plant is around 3 Hectares. When the workload is high, it requires 3 Ha more land area for incoming and outgoing pipe storages. From the plant main gate to the port wharf is around 200M.
The Plant was established in 1982. Through the years EFK has acquired many experience and manufacturing skills in producing all kinds of OCTG pipe connections and its accessories. EFK will cut threads to both end of pipes and each pipe will be provided with its suitable coupling or connector (for big size pipes). All finished pipes will be corrosion protected and its threads are also physically protected by the suitable protectors at both ends. The finished pipes are safe for storage and transportation to well sites.
The main products are all kind of OCTG finished pipes for tubing and casing utilize in oil & gas wells, either in exploration or production stages. The plant receives plain end pipes with its coupling materials either supplied by customers or EFK Pipe Trading Department. EFK is one of the largest threading plants in South East Asia. Currently PBN plant capacity is around 60,000 MT per year of pipe throughputs.
Since the beginning of its operation EFK has used computer numerical control (CNC) Machines with semi automatic pipe handling systems. Currently EFK uses more than 20 CNC machines. All size of OCTG pipe connections, from tubing size 2 3/8” to 20” casing, can be produced with very high precision threads utilizing relatively new machines.

Mengapa bergabung dengan kami?

EFK plant is API certified. It also has certifications to produce several premium connections with different type of threads. Premium connections requires a very high precision threads. The ability to produce high quality products is one of EFK strength acquired through years of experience.

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