Admin Engineering



    Requirements :
    Bachelor Degree (any fields)
    Min 2 years experience as administration 
    Good communication & Interpersonal skill
    Good administration task
    Honest and able work in underpressure
    Detail oriented and able operating Ms. Office
    Placement in Pulogadung

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    Jl Domang 12-A RT 006/13 Kelapa Dua, Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11550 DKI Jakarta

    Deskripsi Perusahaan

    Enesis Group was founded is Jakarta, Indonesia in 1988 as a limited company based in Pulo Gadung Industrial Estate, East of Jakarta.

    The group began its production line manufacturing Sari Puspa/SOFFELL, a mosquito repellent lotion develop through several in-depth marketing and product researches. Sari Puspa/SOFFELL, an innovative product within its category, quickly proved to be a success in the highly competitive mosquito repellent market against multinationals companies like: Bayer, Johnson & Son, Unilever and other local giants. Controlling over 95 % markets share, SOFFELL then successfully developed the critical mass to become the biggest mosquito repellent outside the United States of America.

    The success of Soffell led the company to expand its business to the healthy beverage sector in 1996 with the launch of Adem Sari/SENSACOOL. An herbal supplementary powder drink, SENSACOOL improves the body digestion system, clear up constipation and heals sore throat and canker sore. Supported with intensive advertising and promotion in television commercial, SENSACOOL expanded the market and became brand leader, and still sustaining it despite of the ferocious competition.

    Another product to be an accomplishment for Enesis Group was VEGETA, a natural fibre powder drink, launched in 2000. Fueled by the market’'92s growing understanding for natural fibre intake as a requirement for healthy digestion in modern lifestyle, VEGETA appealed to all levels of the markets. Ingeniously highlights its convenience to complement the modern meals with the daily fibre diets requirement, VEGETA’'92s immediate market demands proves to be and outstanding achievement for the company. Other products founded recently also achieved success and growth through concerted marketing effort.

    Today, Enesis Group has two manufacturing plants producing 5 leading brands in household care, personal care and functional food products. With over than 1,000 employees and solid financial conditions, the group, now divided into food and non-food entities, is continuing its establishment as one of the most prestigious and healthy pharmaceutical company in the country. Going forward, the group aims to outgrow its national market boundary to develop regional and international brands.


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