Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
To give lifetime long memories as a present,
To great customers around the world,
From the greatest members in the world.
To make Japan a tourism-oriented country,
To increase the number of Japan fans,
To become Japan driving force.

FREEPLUS Indonesia was launched on April 2013. 
We started with no experience, know how, and no connections.

3 years have passed,

With Jakarta as our main market, currently there are 400 travel agent from 5 big cities that have worked together with us. We have a record of delivering more than 20,000 Indonesian Tourist to Japan.
Currently we are doing travel business but we have no plan in settling down.
Everything we do is for "giving a present of lifetime memories".
We are aiming to become a world-class company that delivers Japan's hospitality to the world.

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