Pelaksana Sipil



    • Bertanggung jawab atas pelaksanaan pekerjaan sipil di lapangan
    • Membuat gambar bestek sipil beserta detailnya
    • Mengawasi pekerjaan para mandor, sesuai atau tidak dengan bestek & gambar detailnya
    • Usia maksimal 35 tahun
    • Pendidikan minimal SMK Bangunan
    • Pengalaman sebagai Pelaksana rumah mewah & high rise building minimal 3 tahun
    • Pekerja keras, jujur & loyalitas tinggi
    • Memiliki skill sbg drafter lebih baik
    • Wajib memiliki motor & sim C
    • Penempatan Jabotabek
    Ke halaman perekrut
    Lowongan pekerjaan ini kemungkinan telah berakhir.

    Deskripsi Perusahaan

    Based on the friendship of several young professionals who were enthusiastic to realize their shared aspirations and goals in the field of design services, Parama Dharma P.T. was established on November 8, 1982.
    In the beginning the company was run by ten employees out of a modest office on Jl. Barito II/7A in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Initially concentrating on construction projects, the business grew fast with the support of a professional attitude and the ability to deliver high quality services on time.
    Today Parama Dharma P.T. has successfully claimed its place as one of the most respected construction services company in Indonesia. This proud achievement was made possible by the good team work between the management and the entire staff.
    While the company continued to grow, Parama Dharma P.T. remained true to its initial commitment to strive for excellence, not only in terms of delivering finished buildings that fully do justice to their design on paper, but also in regard to providing emotional satisfaction through service with multidimensional aspects. We hope that the viewers will enjoy the buildings that are featured in this website, which we were entrusted to build and which they might not have known about, as an indication of our values, the quality of our design and our architects.
    The management and staff of Parama Dharma P.T. believe that human development in its entirety is only possible if both physical and mental-spiritual aspects are taken into consideration. Therefore, Parama Dharma P.T. aspires to become a respected provider of construction services that pays close attention to all aspects of human development – be it physical quality, durability, efficiency, style as well as a sense of art – in all its projects.
    To achieve this vision, Parama Dharma P.T. endeavours to provide the best services in the field of construction and environmental development. The management and staff of Parama Dharma P.T. do their best to fulfill the requirements and wishes of their costumers regarding buildings and work and living environments that are of high quality, comfortable, exclusive and artful, and thus conducive to human development in its entirety.