• Wanita
    • Pendidikan Minimal SMK/D3/S1 (Ekonomi/Akutansi)
    • Usia Maksiamal 35 Tahun
    • Pengalaman Minimal 1-2 Tahun
    • Jujur, Rajin & Bertanggung Jawab
    • Diutamakan Domisili Jakarta
    • Mampu mengunakan Aplikasi Microsoft Office
    • Menguasai Analisa Perjunalan & laporan Keuangan
    • Manguasai Program Accounting


    • Menerima & memeriksa Bukti Pembayaran yang masuk & keluar 9Kas kecil 7 Rekonsiliasi Bank)
    • Mengolah data-data Finance secara keseluruhan sebagai dasar pembuatan Laporan Keuangan
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    Deskripsi Perusahaan



    How can will be ROYAL till its products which with quality and dare to be compared to other original product. Following a small part of STORY brief of company which is focusing with satisfaction of consumer pass through comments of PRODIGAL leader Anto Wijaya and some client becoming distributor.

    Since when ROYAL start concentrating in this business? Tell about the born of ROYAL

    Early 1999-2000 a lot of handphone products accessories with spurious brands. In reality because emulation of price, automatic its quality become bad once, finally a lot of disappointed consumer. This make we set mind on to make one brand alone with quality of well quarantee difficult to follow by other competitor.

    Why ROYAL name which selected? What mean from ROYAL itself?

    ROYAL mean a empire, affluence, pride exclusive that's becoming characteristic from every ROYAL product. We produce perpheral of HANDPHONE accessories which consist of casing, case, handsfree, battery and travel charge.

    What it's the profit when someone buy and use product from ROYAL?

    From the price we give price which is enoug reached and well guarantee also quality warranty which we give. That warranty is real an is not nonses just taking example of our give warranty during 6 month to a battery. We also give warranty for ROYAL product.

    How many distributor showed to market ROYAL product?

    Distribution a most in all town in Indonesia and sub distributor level for the town of madya an sub- province all Indonesia

    Form various ROYAL product start from case leather, casing, battery and is other, what is just for one brand/handphone type and any kid of handphone.

    RPUA; product matching with its motto "The Only Way for style and quality handphone accessories" we try for fulfill all requirement of handphone accessories for all brand and type, especially for the brands and the type which many it enthuast.

    What differentiating ROYAL products with product of kind form other brand?

    Only 3 word which is very differentiate our product with product from our competitor, innovation, quality and price

    Are the guarantee of is quality from every ROYAL produced product, taking example from the quality stitching (for the lather of case) etc.

    Yes, we conduct goods control quality in a few phase, of production, delivery until goods supply to market.