Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
PT TRABAUD AROMATICS LABORATORIES, produces a wide range of flavourings to suit all types of requirements. The products are retailed to households, restaurants, bakeries, dairy plants, tobacco houses, pharmaceutical plants and any other industries that require essences and flavor compounds. Artificial and natural products can be produced and modified to suit the consumer's taste and requirements.
Being a company that has roots from 1938 and considered as one of the pioneers of the Flavour Industry in Indonesia, TRABAUD's existence as a reliable supplier of flavours in the Indonesian food industry is acknowledged and maintained.
All products created by a team of international and local flavourists, whether in the form of essence, flavor, oil, or paste, undergo rigorous quality control procedures in order to maintain the highest standards set by the company's food and beverage expert quality controllers and to ensure total consumer satisfaction.
In regards to raw materials used, TRABAUD follows the strict guidelines of local and international regulations to ensure that all raw materials are food grade and are safe for consumptions. TRABAUD also complies with the Indonesian Halal regulatory (in raw material sourcing and prodution) and have Halal certificates for the flavours produced.

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