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Windu Jaya

Administrasi (CS Admin)

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Job Description :
  • Melakukan kegiatan administrasi terhadap divisi
  • Melakukan koordinasi dengan masing-masing divisi dalam penyusunan laporan
  • Melakukan reporting terhadap divisi yang bersangkutan secara on time
  • Melakukan koordinasi dengan divisi terkait sehubungan dengan kebutuhan customer
  • Melakukan supporting terhadap kegiatan Customer Service
Requirements :
  • Usia maksimal 27 tahun
  • Minimal pendidikan D3 dari semua jurusan
  • Menguasai computer dasar MS Office/Bahasa Inggris pasif
  • Memiliki pengalaman lebih menguntungkan
  • Mempunyai kemampuan berkomunikasi yang baik

Data pekerjaan

LokasiJakarta UtaraDKI Jakarta
IndustriTransportasi / Logistik
PerusahaanWindu Jaya  lihat lowongan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

In the midst of the increasing logistic industry recently which caused by the rising supply and demand of the products domestically and internationally as well as the trend of many companies to concentrate on their core business by outsourcing their logistic function, the demand for credible logistic provider company is needed. Well-experience and trust by the customers are something that vital for logistic company. We in PT. Windu Jaya Utama acknowledged those and we will keep trying to serve our customer in the most excellent way
With our facilities that we owned such as trucking fleet, warehousing, branch and representatives offices around Indonesia, and our credible staffs, we could provide your logistics need fast, effective and efficient either from land, sea, or air

Mengapa bergabung dengan kami?

Vision The become the best freight forwarding and Total Logistic Solution company locally as well as globally     Mission Statement Giving our maximum service to our customers in a competitive price. Always open to try new system that proof to be more efficient and effective for increasing the share of the company Creating a harmonious work place atmosphere in order to prolonged the company existence. Looking after relationship to our customers in order to better serve and having close connection towards them.

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