The Complete Banker Programme



    Keen on learning all about the banking industry? Our highly-sought-after ASEAN management trainee programme puts you in good stead to be a banking leader of tomorrow. The Complete Banker™ (TCB) programme comprises classroom training followed by on-the-job learning across different business units. This broad exposure helps you build the skills set required of a top-class universal banker.
    Stage 1 - Foundation Building
    You will undergo two months of intensive foundation-building in universal banking and leadership.
    Simulating our fast-paced, high performance environment, the classroom training will:
    • Equip you with a sound knowledge of how financial markets work, banking products and services and our work processes.
    • Help you adapt to working in the ‘real’ world
    During these 2 months, you will focus on acquiring product and market knowledge, solving problems, thinking critically and making decisions. The sessions will be reinforced by real-life case studies, group projects and field trips.
    Stage 2 - Business Appreciation
    You will be rotated across different business units which complement your career track. You will develop a deep understanding of our operations during this hands-on period and build a strong network across the company. You may even find yourself working in a different country.
    You will be coached and mentored throughout this journey.
    Stage 3 - Career Placement
    After completing the job rotations, you will hold an exectuvie position at a business unit. Placements within the business will be based on your strengths, interests and business requirements. High performing trainees will also be given the opportunity to be seconded to another CIMB office for regional exposure. Past regional attachments have included China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.
    • Fresh graduates
    • Strong academic results:
      • CGPA of 3.25 (Indonesian & US degrees)
      • Second Class (UK degree)
      • 65% course weighted average (Australian degree)
    • Active in extracurricular activities including sports
    • Strong desire to learn and succeed
    • Energetic and versatile
    • Good interpersonal skills, able to communicate with impact
    • Work well both independently and as a team player

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    Kesimpulan Review

    • Perusahaan ini memiliki suasana kerja yang sangat menyenangkan dan juga hubungan antar karyawan berjalan dengan baik sehingga terjalin kekeluargaan yang sangat kental.
    • Adanya benefit yang baik dari perusahaan, lingkungan kerja perusahaan yang kekeluargaan dan sesuai dengan prosedur-prosedur yang telah ditetapkan sebelumnya oleh perusahaan.
    • masih terdapat kesenjangan yang sangat terlihat, terutama diantara divisi di perusahaan ini, hal ini menyebabkan koordinasi diantara divisi masih kurang.
    • jenjang karir di perusahaan ini tidak terlalu baik khususnya untuk karyawan yang bekerja di bagian frontliner, jenjang karir cukup lama.


    Ktr Cabang UtamaWisma KosgoroJl MH Thamrin Kav 53 Wisma Kosgoro Ground FlGondangdia, MentengJakarta Pusat 10350 DKI Jakarta

    Deskripsi Perusahaan

    CIMB Niaga yang mulanya bernama Bank Niaga ini didirikan pada tahun 1955 dan kemudian mulai dikenal luas pada tahun 1987 sebagai bank di Indonesia yang pertama kali mengadopsi layanan perbankan dengan menggunakan mesin ATM. Pada tahun 2002, CIMB Group Holding Berhad yang dulu lebih dikenal dengan nama Commerce Asset Holdings Berhad (CAHB), mengakusisi sebagian saham Bank Niaga. Lalu, pada tahun 2007, CIMB Group mengakusisi seluruh kepemilikan saham dan di tahun berikutnya Bank Niaga resmi berubah nama menjadi Bank CIMB Niaga. Selanjutnya, LippoBank juga resmi meleburkan dirinya ke dalam Bank CIMB Niaga dan menjadi suatu pencapaian besar di bidang perbankan tingkat Asia Tenggara.

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