Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Kualifikasi :

  • Pria
  • Pendidikan minimum SMK/STM
  • Minimum pengalaman 2 tahun sebagai Operator Bubut CNC/Bubut Manual
  • Mampu mengoperasikan dan membuat program mesin Bubut CNC Bubut Manual
  • Bekerja Sistematis, Teliti, Cermat dan Cepat Bekerja
  • Lolos seleksi langsung mulai bekerja
  • Bersedia bekerja s/d hari Sabtu
  • Penempatan area Pesing, Jakarta Barat

Apabila Anda memenuhi persyaratan diatas segera kirimkan CV dan foto terbaru dengan klik tombol dibawah ini

Tentang Perusahaan

Why join us

High Dedication
I’m a member of this company, my company is just like my family and  I love being  here.  It’s  always  a   pleasure  of  mine  to   put  all my best, and  dedicate it  for my  profession  and  my company     without any enforcement. Passion
     “Without passion, I am a dead man”
I am not a dead man. So I do  everything with  abundant  passion for success. Because of that, I enjoy what I do and it is really fun. Competence
Competence is possessing skill and knowledge that allows us to do something successfully.
I’m  proud  when  I  do  it  better  than  others   in   every   task   that has given to me with best competence. I continued to learn and constantly striving to do improve my competency so I can do every task better. Professionalism
Individually and as a team, I hold myself to the highest professional standards. We take great pride in striving on the excellence and professionalism of every individual to make this company great as a whole, and to professionally serve our customers.


Kompl Golden Village Jl Daan Mogot II Kompl Golden Village 88-DB Kamal Muara, Penjaringan Jakarta Utara 14470 DKI Jakarta

No. Telepon

(021) 56978889

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