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Corporate CultureCorporate culture is the beliefs, values, initiatives, attitudes and behavior commonly shared by members of a corporate. Corporate culture is not intangible and abstract, but reveals substantially the company’s goals, image and mottos. Operation manuals, rules and regulation, and guides for staff’s behavior can most directly demonstrate this. When staff follow the company’s operation mode, values and work requirements, there will be unity, team spirit and consistency of decision and work outcomes. As a matter of fact, a first-class corporate defends on first-class institution, which depends on first-class corporate culture. Business Priciples
We have led the fashion revolution by developing new fashion products in Indonesia. Presently, we are distributing various type of high quality fabrics produced in Indonesia which habe capacities comprising 50.000 ton. Through our technical know-how professional staff, we aim to lead Indonesia fashion business.


Outlet Mal Ciputra Jl Arteri S Parman Mal Ciputra Lt 1/43-A Tanjung Duren, Grogol Petamburan Jakarta Barat 11470 DKI Jakarta

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