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Our vision is to become a leading business center as well as real estate developer that set a new and improved standard for property developers. Our mission is to provide a place for a sound investment, extensive growth and prosperity. Our Philosophy
We believe that our customer is our partners, thus creating high standard of respect, trust and services. We strive to give good benefits to our customer because we believe that it will in turn benefit us too. We believe that in the long term through maintaining good relationship with our customers, Marunda Center will in turn benefit through good reputation. In light of that, we are not reluctant to offer good bargain to our customers, especially those who purchase in the early development stages. As we developed more and more, the value of the property and the community circle will keep increasing dynamically.


Kawasan Industri Marunda Center Blok G no. 1B, Jl Marunda Makmur, Tarumajaya, Bekasi

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