Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
ONNI is a group of people who are passionate to combine fashion, design, and nature in our newest culture. We refer to everything and anything that improves your space, life, and appearance. We want to bring the simplicity of life back to the generation – planting the ideas that happiness is actually reachable and simplicity is actually inspirational. With the combination of these two ideas, we believe it will lead to the better and happier life.
It is spelled ONNI because it means happiness in Nordic – which to us, it means shifting the idea of young generations from ‘simplicity is boring’ to ‘simplicity is inspirational’ and at the end of the day, to ‘simplicityis our lifestyles’.
So if you don’t mind, allow us to stand up for our name. Allow us to diffuse happiness through the new lifestyles we are about to introduce you. Allow us to bring simplicity of life back to you, and even more.

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