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Valve Factory Maintenance Manager

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


General Purpose

Summary Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in repair, maintenance, and installation of machines, tools, and equipment, and in maintenance of buildings, grounds, and utility systems of Strong Industries by performing the following duties personally or through subordinates.
  • Has to achieve the target such as waste, cost, workforce, efficiency and quality with improvement plan.
  • Identify and communicate result or achievement and variances of expenses to the technician on the daily or monthly base.
  • Review daily, weekly or monthly maintenance problem, sparepart consumption following System base, and take direct action if finding big variance.
  • Schedules repair, maintenance, and installation of machines, tools, and equipment to ensure continuous production operations.
  • Reviews job orders to determine work priorities.
  • Directs maintenance activities on utility systems to provide continuous supply of heat, steam, Furnace, electric power, or air required for operations.
  • Directs workers and contractors engaged in buildings and grounds maintenance activities.
  • Develops preventive maintenance program in conjunction with maintenance staff.
  • Reviews production, quality control, and maintenance reports and statistics to plan and modify maintenance activities.
  • Inspects operating machines and equipment for conformance with operational standards.
  • Plans, develops, and implements new methods and procedures designed to improve operations, minimize operating costs, and effect greater utilization of labor and materials.
  • Directs training and indoctrination of workers to improve work performance and acquaint workers with company policies and procedures.
  • Confers with management, engineering, and quality control personnel to resolve maintenance problems and recommend measures to improve operations and conditions of machines and equipment.
  • Ensuring that health and safety guidelines are followed
  • supervising and motivating a team of workers
  • reviewing worker performance and identifying training needs
Education and Experience
  • Mechanical / Electrical Engineering (Degree / Non Degree)
  • 5 Years experiances as Maintenance Manager
  • Knowedge of machines and tools (Bubut, milling, CNC, Wire cut, welding, etc)
  • Knowledge of Valve Technology (Ball, Check, Gate Valve) for Oil and Gas industry
  • Knowledge of quality systems and standards
  • knowledge of health and safety standards and compliance
  • knowledge of process improvement techniques
  • knowledge of engineering and technology principles and practices
  • solid computer skills
Key Competencies
  • planning and organising skills
  • problem-solving capabilities
  • attention to detail
  • ability to communicate clearly and persuasively
  • strong negotiating skills
  • excellent time management
  • ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • good physical health
  • ability to motivate others
  • self-confidence

Data pekerjaan

IndustriPolimer / Karet

Maintenance / Teknisi - Teknik

PerusahaanJaya Samudra Karunia PT  lihat lowongan  lihat gaji  lihat review  lihat profil

Deskripsi Perusahaan

Established in 2004 with core business in coal transportation. At the same time, opened its domestic branch office in Suralaya-West Java and Satui-South Kalimantan, and now JSK has domestic branch office in Tanah Grogot, East Kalimantan and affiliates company in Korea. With the strong corporate team, PT. Jaya Samudra Karunia began operating its first coal carrying vessel at that time with 2 Handmax and several Panamax, and up to now the company has developed to operate any kind of sea coal transportation from Special Coal Carrier (DWT 10.000 mT), Panamax (DWT 65.000 mT) and Self-propelled Floating Crane with two clam shell grab @ 25 tons and 20.000 tons/day conveyor.
PT Jaya Samudra Karunia Group as one of the major player in the maritime business, specializing in the bulk carriers, now offering the opportunities for eligible and determined management team to grow together. We are looking for qualified team member of our company.

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Mission   As one of the Indonesian shipping company focused on coal transportation markets, JSK's missions are to: Provide satisfaction performance services; Deliver reliable and good services to customers; strengthen the capital sources’ networking and relationship; and create a rewarding and challenging work environment for employees.   Plans Develop close relationship with all customers and approaching the potential customers especially to coal mining companies and coal fired power plant companies for domestic and export market. Improving the services by providing experience crews, optimizing the chartering division at Korea, as well as hiring and continuously training staff with sea and shore-based industry knowledge. Strengthen the access to financial institutions which has an important element of JSK success and a source for future growth.   Strategies Be the good and helpful partner to its customers Optimize its owned fleet and charter-fleet portfolio Strengthen the International networking of key persons in JSK Set the Standard of technical management and employees  

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Jaya Samudra Karunia PT

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