Deskripsi Pekerjaan



Individuals in the position known as property manager work to facilitate the general operation, maintenance and record keeping. Duties associated with this role include maintenance, repairs, regulations and inspections. This person will provide a cost effective, efficient, customer focused service

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Manage the longer-term aspirations of clients, constantly developing the service levels to exceed expectations.
  • Maintain regular contact with customers understanding their long-term plans and the implications for the relationship with the business.
  • Listen to customers and identify trends to ensure that improvements take place to match changing requirements.
  • Become intimately involved in the customer’s decision making process, working to deepen our understanding of the customer’s needs beyond others expectations.
  • Strive to exceed customer expectation by responding appropriately, constructively and in a timely manner.
  • Implement and use formal complaint procedures effectively involving team members where appropriate.
  • Openly communicate beliefs and values, seeking views of staff to motivate the team. Give direct and honest feedback on performance of client’s staff and contractors and resolve different reactions to problems, turning a negative situation into a positive one.
  • Seek and implement new methods, challenging the way we do things. Allocate and monitor work of others, developing team working to improve performance. Offer appropriate and useful feedback.
  • Working with contractors, plumbers and carpenters to maintain the properties.
  • Responsible for office space arrangement and renovation.
  • Arrange expats'housing and related benefits (Furniture, utilities, lease car, etc)
  • Proactively develop service levels across the portfolio to exceed client expectations, advising client of management set-up.
  • Visit the properties in to carry out a thorough site inspection on each visit. Then follow up all visits with a site inspection report.
  • Arranging for gas, water and electrical checks
  • Above 32 years old
  • Bachelor degree in related major
  • Manage 1 subordinate in General  Affairs
  • Experienced in the same position for at least 5 years
  • Experienced in handling company with minimum 1000 employees and in high complexity duties
  • Possess knowledge of management, real estate, plumbing, House Direction, construction and repairs are at a distinct advantage.
  • Have extensive health and safety knowledge.
Other Skills and Abilities
  • Administration and information technology
  • Being attentive to details
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Dressing and acting in a professional manner
  • Being confident and responsible
  • Working on self-initiative
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Being able to work flexible hours
  • Being positive and encouraging
  • Being courteous to clients and co-workers
  • Stress management and problem solving

Tentang Perusahaan

Why join us

Corporate growth
(HR, products & facilities)

Gunung Steel Group, as one of the largest steel producer in Indonesia and Asia, have continually shows sustainable growth in all fields. In an effort to improve its services and good relationships to all of its customers, Gunung Steel Group has employs the best technology and the most qualified employees. Through strict selection process and rigorous training, Gunung Steel Group produces anumerous human resources that are qualified to their fields. With more than 5000 qualified employees serve as Gunung Steel Group’s achievement in the industry and having many able and qualified human resources in Indonesia.

Gunung Steel Group is known as a steel producer company that holds international standards, as it is recognized as the most competitive company both in the domestic and international market. Along with the increasing consumer demands, Gunung Steel Group is also expanding by developing new innovation and quality products that are sought after in the market. As a fact, throughout our facilities, we are equipped with the latest technology in order to produce steel products in mass quantities and in time to fulfill the market demands. As the growth of production can be seen in the last year of 2010, Gunung Steel Group reaches the production capacity of 1,950,000 MT/Year surpassing its production records from the previous year. As a result, in the years ahead, Gunung Steel Group is optimistic to continually  grow and ensuring the fulfillment the needs for high quality steel products.
The development of facilities will be a key to ensuring the success of Gunung Steel Group. In the near future, Gunung Steel Group is in the plan to build new mills, a reliable transportation mode, as well as employees housing apartments in our complex area as part of our effort to improve the quality and wellbeing of our company and employees to ensure business growth prospects and the development of our industrial complex. The development of these facilities support Gunung Steel Group’s commitment for its care to employees, customers, and business partners for mutual progress.


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