Field Operation Engineer (FOP - E)



    Preventive Maintenance:
    • Able to do routine visiting site for physical FO checks as planned to achieve the target.
    • Conduct physical checks ISP (Inside Plan) / POP to see the cleanliness of the room and devices, room temperature, check the condition of the Battery & Rectifier and Kwh Meter.
    • Check the installation of OSP (Outside Plant): Poles, Wires, Splitter, Installation Accessories. 
    • Make a reporting (Inspection Report).
    Corrective Maintenance:
    • Make improvements / Troubleshooting: Hardware (hardware) and software (software).
    • Solve alarm properly and ensure it within SLA.
    • Be prepared if at any time got the call for issue repair (Stand by On Call).
    • Make a reporting (Troubleshooting Report).
    • Conduct activation process based on procedure.
    • Withdraw cable from DP (Distribution Point FO) to Customers.
    • Perform installation of ONU (Optical Network Unit).
    • Conduct process Activation & Setting ONU at the customer premises, Making Minutes of Activation.
    • To input the customer data into the database (web base).
    • Survey the optical path with related to network deployment plans & Creating Jobs Report.
    • Conduct observations for connecting the Optical Line for Customer. Documenting the path using the (GPS-Garmin).
    • Change Request (CR) implementation.
    • Conduct ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) for FTTx Installation.
    • Act as team leader and coordinating with others field operation team.
    • Be able to do routine task: Daily / Weekly / Monthly Report.
    • Maximum Age 35 Years Old.
    • Candidate Must Poses Minimum D3 (Diploma) Network Engineering / Electro Engineering.
    • At least 3 year for FOP Engineer / Technician.
    • Understand Optical measuring instruments; know the standards and procedures for the installation of FO, Familiar with MapSource application to Google Earth; Knowing the FTTx network technology.
    • Able to use Microsoft Office to make a report.
    • Not afraid of working at heights and have awareness for Safety Working.
    • Good attitude, responsive, self driven, and able to work as a team / posses good leadership.
    • Have a spirit for to achieve KPI's as the target and make continous improvement.
    • Willing to be place in all over Indonesia (Priority in Medan, Jakarta Raya, Bandung, Surabaya & Bali).
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    Deskripsi Perusahaan

    Who We Are...
    • Established in 2014, FiberStar has grown to be nationwide infrastructure service provider.
    • Fiber Optic is the backbone for future digitalization where this media has a constant higher speed, high level of security, wide coverage and capacity of data transmission much larger when compared to existing technologies.
    • As an Infrastructure Service Provider, we adopt net neutrality and our technology can facilitate business model integration among any Internet Service Provider, Pay TV Provider and Cellular Telecommunication Provider in Indonesia.
    • We are committed to expand our Fiber Optic coverage rapidly accross the nation. We are currently connecting cities in Sumatera, Jawa, Bali, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi which will certainly facilitate our customers and partners to grow their business without any restrictions.
    • Full Fiber Networks are capable of supporting the growth and development in delivering advanced triple-play telecommunications services.
    • “To be the best and reliable Network Infrasturcture Provider”
    • Connecting the future with full Fiber Optic Network for endless possibilities.
    • TEAM WORK: Collaborating to achieve one goal with leadership, respect and open mind.
    • HIGH INTEGRITY: Being honest, committed and trust each other with love.
    • EXCELLENT SERVICES: Adopting first time right approach to serve customers with quality, detailed and comprehensive.
    • FEARLESS: Energetic, creative, and competitive mindset to achieve a good collaboration.
    • SMART WORKING: Efficiency, digitization and safety-first working attitude for effective results.