Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Uraian Pekerjaan:
  • Melakukan pemeriksaan terhadap mesin-mesin produksi.
  • Membantu proses mechanical alat-alat produksi.
  • Melakukan kordinasi proses perbaikan alat-alat produksi dengan mekanik.
  • Membuat planning monitoring team mechanical shift.
  • Membuat laporan shift kerja.
Spesifikasi Pekerjaan:
  • Pendidikan minimal D3 jurusan Teknik Mesin.
  • Familiar dengan rotating equipment dan spare part management system.
  • Memiliki keahlian preventive maintenance system.
  • Memiliki keahlian dalam cost reduction.
  • Pengalaman minimal 5 tahun dalam bidang yang sama.
  • Bersedia bekerja di KIM II Mabar, Medan.

Tentang Perusahaan

Why join us

Our company is one of the biggest refined sugar manufacturers in Indonesia and we are expanding our business. Our factory is located in Cilegon and we are looking for qualified and highly motivated professionals with high commitment to be part of our team 

Our Vision:


Our Mission:

Our Customers:

Providing best services

Providing high quality products

Providing high value added services & products

Largest Market Share

Penetrate into Export market

Our Employees:

Continually increase skills & knowledge

Continually develop innovativeness

Continually development teamwork for unity

Happiness in all employees

Winning attitude – winning is fun

Do not be too “comfortable” – be stretch

Be a top employment choice sugar company

Our Shareholders:

Deliver healthy growth

Deliver healthy profitability

Focus on core business & expand with core

Our Communities:

Be a green corporation (environmentally friendly)

Active in social development programs

Be the #1 contributor in Indonesia’s sugar self sufficiency drive

Our Vision:


Kav 3 Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Kebon Sirih, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

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