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Deskripsi Perusahaan
PT Indoprima Selaras is a Jakarta-based company that provides custom interior contractor services for commercial and residential projects. We offer a comprehensive range of interior design construction and a wide collection of custom-designed furniture and built-in products. Committed to architectural integrity and accomplished in a broad scope of design styles, PT Indoprima Selaras is celebrated for its fresh interpretations of living and working environments that address client vision and functionality. Neither pure traditionalists nor modernists, PT Indoprima Selaras team dispenses with aesthetic agendas and offers uniquely tailored solutions that balance progressive design and traditional sensibilities.
PT. Indoprima Selaras Interiors also embraces sophisticated technology with an in-house team who keep the firm at the forefront of cutting-edge construction. PT Indoprima Selaras is currently in development with a proprietary interior construction, set to launch in near future which will create a unique destination for interior designer, property developer and consumers seeking interior contractor.

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