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PT EOD Technology

Product Relationship

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


  • Operations assistants work with operations managers and other personnel to help keep businesses running smoothly
  • Assist consultant in maintaining the project document (printing, posting document, etc)
  • Prepare schedule both for internal meeting or client's meeting
  • Prepare summary of all Consultant's working sheet every month before submitting toDirector
  • Maintaining Product to all customer and keep good relationship with customer
Requirements :
  • Age Maximum 35 Years Old
  • At least Diploma or Bachelor from reputable university, majoring in Management, Information System, Accounting
  • Talkative English Fluent Both Writing & Oral
  • Able to operate Microsoft Office (word, power point, excel)
  • Fast learner
  • Good character and attitude : Good Looking, Able to Work in Team (Teamwork),  Able to Work in Pressure  & Willing
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IndustriTeknik Informatika (IT)

Hubungan Masyarakat / Public Relation / PR - Pemasaran / Hubungan Masyarakat (Humas)


Deskripsi Perusahaan


Technological advances in the field of military spur of every nation in the world to fix, especially in terms of defense and security of a country, in terms of both quality and quantity. Developments in technology and advances in science around the world to stimulate the human mindset to thrive in every way in order to ease and effectiveness meet the necessary requirements, with a technology that can reveal the time and without the high cost, together with the many unexpected events never before.
The creation of safe and dynamic society that is the role of law enforcement of a country. One of the authorized capital of law enforcement is the main factor of the facilities and infrastructure that support the implementation of the field operations. The threat of terror and bombing of unexpected good coming from outside or inside can cause casualties and property losses in large numbers and disrupt public life and government activities primarily inhibit the growth rate dab the nation's progress in realizing national goals. This requires high cost and seriousness of all elements of the nation.
PT. EOD Technology is one of the companies engaged in the commercial sector. PT. EOD Technology service providing specialized goods and services applications military gear and equipment requirements,
such as: anti-riot equipment, survailence, handling the tools of detection, protection, tamer and other supporting equipment, and the handling of the threat of chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear, and explosive within and outside the State. The company was established on 20 September 2011 by certificate Number 04 by a notary Dra. Ayu Tiara Siregar, SH. and until now still exist. The Company has considerable experience in the procurement of goods and services needs of military applications, especially in the environment of TNI Police as experience of procurement packages which have been followed :
1. Procurement prototyping equipment divorcer / parser bomb and bomb disposal robot decomposers and T.A. 2012 at Police Research and Development;
2. Procurement of portable X-Ray and disruptor T.A. 2013 at Mabes AU ;
3. Vanguard robot maintenance MK2T American Embassy.
4. Aldahura procurement in BABEK TNI T.A. 2013
5. Procurement blastbin, metal detector, Explosive Cartridge and shield PT. Handaru Megah Sejahtera.
6. Explosive detector portable procurement in BABEK TNI T.A. 2014
7. Procurement demining and EOD Capability in BABEK TNI T.A. 2014
8. Procurement Fido X3 (Explosive Detector) in Fairmount hotel T.A. 2015
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Vision Become the leading company in providing services and procurement services application needs throughout Indonesian military specifically in the field of defense and state security.   Mission Contributing procurement services with dedication and loyalty of reliable service. Participate in support and maintain the security of the State especially in the field of military equipment applications. Providing services procurement of goods military purposes, mainly to support military operations in the field.     Company Management The Company was established in the form of "PERSEROAN TERBATAS (PT)" where the company's ownership consists of shares is agreed upon on the basis of capital investment. Commissioner is entitled to supervise the directors in running the company's policy.   The organizational structure of the company consists of a chief executive, director and commissioner serves as policy makers, to running the company and the company assisted with some staffs as an element of implementation.  

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