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We encourage you to apply if you have Solid experience using SAP + experience in transfer pricing + experience in shared service function leading team + excellent operational in finance.  
Benefits : Excellent package + COP + Bonus + Central location in Sudirman . 
Report to MD (small to medium organization ) + report to Global. 
Job Description as Finance Manager :
1.     Execution of operational controlling tasks for the respective area of responsibility:
•       Preparation and coordination of forecast and budget planning (sales, cost and FTE)
•       Deliver financial forecasts
•       Preparation of monthly reports (channel, margins, etc.) for management
•       Perform gross to net sales – and marginal income analysis
•       Prepare division-specific annotations
•       Perform deviation analysis (volume, prices, currency) for management and highlight variances which require reaction
•       Calculate and monitor of reimbursements for marketing costs
•       Calculate projects and business cases
•       Monitoring of financial incentivation plans (e.g. STI, local sales incentive plans)
•       Coordinate financial risk management and customer financial monitoring incl. DSO, DOH, and supporting credit risk management (including analysis of customers’ credit standing).
•       Calculate, analyze, and propose the best Transfer Pricing and coordinate with Regional Transfer Price Officer to facilitate the business for optimum revenue.
2.     Translate business strategy into operational planning:
•       Develop recommendations with regard to financial measures as decision support function
•       Design and develop controlling concepts, based on best practices
•       Foster understanding and implementation of steering concepts, incl. necessary change management process
•       Ensure adherence to HQ standards and guidelines
•       Strong involvement in efficiency projects, continuous improvement etc.

Internal Accounting:
1.     Value Flow Management
•          Contact business (Controlling, Sales & Marketing, Production etc.) for clarification of business requirements, changes needed for CCA, PCA and COPA master data. Interface to GO in special cases to decide on appropriate value flow
•          Create ticket / request for new and adjusted master data (CC, internal order, cost element, cycle/cost allocation) and inform business
•          Initiate / create accounting posting request (WPA) for postings to Overhead Management
•          Monitor data quality, identify correction requirements and perform adjustments for CCA, PCA and CO-PA. Check the content of cost center result during closing
•          Specialized ad hoc support and project support specific to own area of expertise
•          Support external & internal audit and perform ICS controls in his/her own area of expertise and responsibility
2.     Service Accounting
•          Perform service accounting & project invoicing incl. analyse request and check MD parameters, request Master data, create relevant SD – order and generate invoices
•          Asset Sale invoicing incl. analyze request and check MD parameters, request Master data, create relevant SD – order and generate invoices
•          Specialized ad hoc support and project support specific to own area of expertise
•          Support external & internal audit and perform ICS controls in his/her own area of expertise and responsibility

General Accounting:
1.     General Ledger:
•          Initiate requests for new / changes of GL accounts or other GL master data according to defined work procedures
•          Perform manual General Ledger postings via WPA as defined within the activity split. Support in collaboration with SSO stabilization and increase of processing posting requests originating from non-Accounting functions via WPA in order to achieve qualitative and efficient processing.
•          Perform monitoring and clearing of Accounts which are in responsibility of the country
•          Responsible to perform HB1 related evaluations (plausibility checks) and postings
2.     Closing:
•          Support the overall closing process together with the SSO Organization
•          Review the closing results and follow up with business; Calculate impending losses and perform manual postings where applicable
3.     Reporting:
•          Perform actual reporting in BayRep (HB2); according to defined activity splits
o    Implement group reporting guidance e.g. BKA letter in reporting process and system (SAP, BayRep)
o    Quality checking on the reports: check BW reports content, solve the issues out of BayRep Validation, run checking reports, identify and solve issues and perform ATN for correction according to the defined activity split
o    Prepare and report OMIs in BayRep
o    Perform BKA release
o    Prepare closing relevant documentation and perform Accompanying Letter (in BayRep in collaboration with BPs if applicable)
•          Perform actual reporting HB 1 incl. implementation of new regulation / law
4.     Audit and Control & Others:
•          Support external & internal audit. Perform ICS controls in his/her own area of expertise and responsibility
•          Specialized ad hoc support and project support specific to own area of expertise
5.     Asset Management:
•          Support Investment Process (Accounting view) and perform Investment Tracking
o    Reconcile the project content with applicable group, subgroup and local guidelines and advise the project manager on the budget effects of the project
o    Check and approve Appropriation Requests in terms of accounting treatment
o    Communicate with Project management about status of Invest projects for timely depreciation Site
•          Asset Accounting Master Data:
o    Pursue local legislation concerning new legal requirements in terms of depreciation parameters for local financial and/or tax purposes and inform GO about new requirements as well as approve respective changes in Reference Asset
o    Create Final Asset from Investment
•          Assets transfer, disposal, change & sale:
o    Check ACR request and create change report if needed
o    Analyse & Support Business Need to manage Asset Lifecycle
o    Review supporting documentation and check residual value for Asset Sale
•          Closing: Perform corrections (PS/CO) for depreciation errors for period end closing. Individual settlement of WBS/IO if applicable
•          Manage physical inventory: Inform GO about new national legal inventory requirements, prepare /distribute control list for physical inventory count and follow up on the inventory count result

Finance / Tax / Insurance:
1.     Finance
·         Ensure an appropriate reporting of account balances, investments and financial exchange transactions in CoFiPot on a monthly basis.
·         Manage and direct incoming and outgoing payments as well as related Cash Management tasks.
2.     Tax
·         Ensure the consistency of tax computations and tax declarations.
·         Discuss and negotiate all relevant tax issues with tax administrations in the country.
·         Manage and control tax audits conducted by tax administrations to minimize potential negative impacts on the company’s tax position in the country, i.e. develop and implement strategies to defend the company’s tax position.
·         Decide about and draft necessary appeals (pre-trial/by court) related to tax assessments as far as legally feasible.
·         Provide the local CFO with information and tax expertise with regard to the interpretation of tax law, new legislation and planned change of legislation in the country as well as its potential impact on business. Further, participate in active lobbying for changes in tax legislation in the local country beneficial to the group.
·         Manage and lead the local accounting, tax, finance and insurance team in the country. Ensure execution of all administrative and other personnel related tasks.

Compliance: Handle Corporate Compliance matters by actively support, participate, and implement the local Compliance Objectives by planning and delivering and/or participating in :
·         Direct dialogue with the business on compliance topics
·         Training according to the local needs
·         Participate in investigate process of compliance matters

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