Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Contract Manager
Job Responsibility :
  • To monitor billing progress and ensure supporting docs are correct and match with contract and PO information
  • Identifying Contract Change: To fully comprehend project progress and project feedback. To identify probable Variation under the Contract.
  • Collecting Information: To collect valid evidence, contractual communications and price information in time. To compile formal contract change for submission
  • Contract Change Procedure: To include Contract change as an agenda item in the weekly and monthly progress report submitted to the Customer’s Project Director and internal for discussion on a regular basis.
  • Project Team Support: To set up Project Team support in submitting contract change and to channel all information to the Contracts Manager in a fast-tracking manner.
  • Risk Management identification : To identify the risk in the project or contract and forecast the cost along with forecast risk loss
  • Po Closing : To ensure all the criteria of PO has meet the PO closing criteria
Candidate requirement:
  • Candidate Min have Bachelor Degree in any Major.
  • Working experiences more than 6 years.
  • Have an experience in managerial level to lead team and have good communication skill with internal and customer
  • Able to speak English fluently  ( can speak mandarin is added value)

Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
PT Huawei Tech Investment adalah sebuah perusahaan multinasional asal Tiongkok yang bergerak di bidang peralatan dan pelayanan jaringan dan telekomunikasi yang memiliki kantor pusat di Shenzhen, Guangdong. Perusahaan ini didirikan pada tahun 1987 oleh Ren Zhengfei, seorang mantan engineer dari People’s Liberation Army. Awalnya Huawei hanya fokus pada produksi phone switches, yang kemudian berkembang menjadi bisnis pembuatan jaringan telekomunikasi yang menyediakan tak hanya peralatan, namun juga jasa pelayanan domestik maupun di luar Tiongkok. Produk dan pelayanan Huawei kini telah menjangkau ke lebih dari 140 negara dan melayani 35 operator telekomunikasi teratas di dunia.
Why join us

Huawei's vision is to enrich life through communication. By leveraging our experience and expertise in the ICT sector, we help bridge the digital divide by providing opportunities to enjoy broadband services in Southern Pacific and around the world. Huawei creates green solutions that enable customers to reduce power consumption, carbon emissions and resource costs, contributing to the sustainable development of the society, economy, and the environment across the Asia Pacific region.


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