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Deskripsi Perusahaan
Welcome to the most innovative and attractive online and offline digital English learning for you. Our commitment to you is to provide the best English language programs in Indonesia and to ensure that all of our students are fully engaged learners.
Over recent years Prince has found that our students are learning more and more through the application of new technologies and with this in mind we have been working on new developing approaches and programs that will allow us to better engage these ‘digital natives’.

PRINCE THE ABSOLUTE LEARNING is an institution which engages in English Education. Its’ core business is English training services for National Companies, State-Owned Enterprises, Government Instances, Universities and Intitutions. In addition, PRINCE THE ABSOLUTE LEARNING has a Learning Center which organized a general English Course, Learning Guidance and Preschool for nurseries.

When PRINCE THE ABSOLUTE LEARNING was established in 2009, it was merely an unpretentious Co-curricular tutorial lesson. Now PRINCE THE ABSOLUTE LEARNING has become an Education Service Company with five branch offices in JABODETABEK. In 2015 PRINCE THE ABSOLUTE LEARNING  has a plan to open twenty new branches in the same area.

In addition, PRINCE THE ABSOLUTE LEARNING has made a cooperation with a multi international Company from the United State of America-as an English course provider which provides Elearning assembly making it possible for students to study without attending the class all the times By using learning system based  on Technology-assisted solution for today’s learner.

Our system combines one-on-one computer-based self-study with regular meetings with a PRINCE THE ABSOLUTE LEARNING – trained teacher or coach. Now, it’s the perfect time to get the best different learning experience at PRINCE THE ABSOLUTE LEARNING.

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