Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Insight Out is an impact-driven company that facilitates the transformational journey of individuals and organizations in discovering and living their true identity and culture. We are passionate, excited, and obsessed with potentials that people have in making a positive impact.

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Your main role will be developing and innovating our information system. This includes the product we're developing for our customers and as well as our internal organizational management system.        


We know you have the potential to kickass and be awesome....that's why we need you to show that you:

  • ...are passionate to make positive impact in society 
  • ...are in love with learning
  • ...want to develop yourself
  • ...are willing to speak up and communicate your ideas
  • to ask questions and explore new things 
  • ...are organized but can show your crazy side of yourself as well. In short, just be yourself :) 


Technical requirements for this role:

  • Min 1+ Years Framework Lavarel/Slim + Working GIT 
  • Min 1+ Years experience with PHP in a NGINX/APACHE2 
  • Know UbuntuServer 
  • Web services, API's and mobile APP API's 


We believe in people who care about the world and society.
We believe in those who want to make positive impact through their talents.
We believe in building a meaningful life, not resume or CV. 
What do you believe in?




  • Focus on building your impact to the world...not just resume or CV
  • Seriously fun learning environment :D
  • Discover more about yourself
  • Access to awesome books in our library
  • Monthly "have fun" day
  • Chance to be a permanent Insighter       

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