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Regional Sales Manager Surabaya

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Job Purpose / Objective:     
To manage the day to day operation PIA sales office, to include motivating a sales team in implementing a sales strategies, achieving targets and developing new business
Scope of Work  :      
In Scope
  • Managing, monitoring, controlling, developing, designing and review sales strategy to improve quality of sales and to increase sales revenue.
  • Managing and developing motivation activities to maintain sales motivation.
  • Managing, monitoring, controlling and review sales activity management for leaders and sales force.
  • Managing people capacity
  • Managing, controlling, monitoring branch activities on each GEOX
Out Scope
  • Cooperates with product team to provide valuable inputs for product feedback and improvement purpose
  • Cooperates with Strategic Marketing to provide valuable inputs for marketing strategic action plan to support business
  • Cooperates with Business Analyst Division for reporting review and development
  • Cooperates with Business Supports for strategic packaging into execution platform and related sales application monitoring
  • Cooperates with Training and Development  for required training and development, tactical programs, recruitments and motivational for team force
  • Cooperates with IT for system monitoring and control
  • Cooperates with CVM for data monitoring purpose
  • Cooperates with CS for customer inquiries related to selling process
KPI’s Critical Tasks:
  • Meet 100% sales target
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in sales
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in leading sales team
  • Experience in sales strategic and business analytical
  • Minimum of S1 degree above
  • Good looking
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Target oriented person
  • Creative person
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent commercial acumen coupled with a business development track record
  • Possess strong leadership skills, keeping their employees working as a team and making sure morale stays high
  • Strong communicators who are driven, energetic, driven, organized and professional
  • Take an optimistic approach to their jobs, along with resiliency and a strong work ethic
  • Ability to drive account performances whilst delivering cost effective results
  • Self-motivated, flexible and open to change
  • Strong planning, organizing, reporting and networking skills
  • An excellent team builder and motivator who will thrive on working closely with the team to achieve challenging but exciting targets
  • A natural communicator with excellent negotiation, persuasive, presentation and interpersonal skills at all levels
  • Highly driven with enthusiasm to meet high sales targets and to cope under demanding pressure.
  • Trustworthy, professional and reliable when dealing with confidential information
  • Business related qualification with minimum of 7 years’ experience in sales
  • Proficiency in computer skills MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Access and CRM database
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Data pekerjaan

LokasiSurabayaJawa Timur
IndustriAsuransi / Dana Pensiun

Manajemen Umum - Manajemen

PerusahaanAsuransi Cigna PT  lihat lowongan  lihat gaji  lihat review  lihat profil

Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT Asuransi CIGNA, established in 1990, isa commitment of CIGNA Corporation to develop its business in Indonesia andtoday it becomes one of the most prestigious insurance companiesin Indonesia and the leader inAffinity Marketing.
PT Asuransi CIGNA has received many awards from respected  institutions & business magazines in Indonesia:
  • 2010 Golden Trophy Award for The Best Life Insurance company with special notation for 8 consecutive years from 2003 - 2010 (InfoBank Magazine)
  • 2010 Golden Trophy Award for The Best Life Insurance company with special notation for 8 consecutive years from 2003 - 2010 (InfoBank Magazine)
  • 2010 Best Life Insurance Company (Investor Magazine)
  • 2010 Best Life Insurance Company (Media Asuransi Magazine)
  • 2010 Call Center Awards for service of excellence (Marketing Magazine & CARRE CCSL- Center for Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty)
  • CIGNA Country of Year Award 2007 from CIGNA International
PT Asuransi CIGNA
fulfill its mission “To help the people we serve improve their health, wellbeing and security”by enhancingtheir lives through life, health & accident insurance coverage with affordable, "value for money" premium, easy to get and marketed through cooperation with business partners, both in the financial institutional sector as well as nonfinancial institutions.
Cigna was formed in 1982 by the merger of the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and the Insurance Company of North America (INA). In 1792, a group of prominent citizens in Philadelphia formed the Insurance Company of North America (INA), the first marine insurance company in the United States. In 1865, the Governor of Connecticut signed a special act of the General Assembly incorporating the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CG).
Product & Services

Cigna provides health care and related benefits offered to individuals, and through employers, brokers and consultants. Key product lines include:
  • Health care products and services
  • Group disability, life and accident insurance
  • International insurance coverage
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Mengapa bergabung dengan kami?

What if you worked somewhere different?   What if you worked somewhere faster?   What if you worked somewhere better?   Welcome to CIGNA.   When you work at CIGNA, you can count on a different kind of career. Work with us, and you’ll be making a difference. Deliver results and share in the reinvention of health care.   Explore everything that makes CIGNA a special place to work. We offer a results-driven environment where we pay for performance. We offer competitive benefits. We have a diverse and inclusive workforce. We demand integrity and respect in all we do. Add it all up and you get somewhere great to work – CIGNA.   We offer more than a job; we offer something essential to your career development – the opportunity to grow in a company that recognizes, respects and values individual contributions and differences.   Are you ready to work somewhere great? Use the sections of our careers site to learn where a CIGNA career can take you.   Getting the Basics Right   Our work focuses on CIGNA’s mission – to improve the health, well-being, and security of the people we serve. All of our work at CIGNA aligns to one of our imperatives – and if it doesn’t, we won’t do it. Our imperatives support an operating model in which we relentlessly pursue only the work that will show results for our members and shareholders. Imperative means “must be done.” Everything else can wait.   CIGNA's Imperatives Have the best people Know our customers Nail the basics Improve all the time Live and breathe performance   Cultures and Values   At Cigna we want to inspire you to be true to your self, in all your fantastically, amazingly, remarkably human glory. The way we see it, being your true self is the first step to being truly healthy.   That's not just our ad campaign. That's what we believe. We’ll treat you like a unique individual, the living, breathing person behind the number on your card. We’ll listen carefully to what’s going on in your life, so we can help you be 100% you.   Never forget you're one of a kind. We won't.    

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Asuransi Cigna PT

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