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PT Gilkor

Software Engineer

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


  • Work with the team to develop and maintain software for the company
  • Write test cases for the software
  • Write technical documentation related to the software
  • Fresh graduates or have minimum of 3 years of experience in related fields
  • Have a bachelor degree of computer science, software engineering or related fields
  • Have a good analytical and problem solving skills, have an attention to detail and able to work in a team
  • Have a good skill in relational database management system
  • Familiar with Linux development environment
  • Familiar with Golang and PostgreSQL (optional)

Data pekerjaan

LokasiDKI Jakarta
IndustriTeknik Informatika (IT)

Pengembangan Perangkat Lunak / Pengembangan Software - Teknologi Informatika


Deskripsi Perusahaan

Gilkor (PT Gilkor) was established in 2011 as a privately held Indonesian company domiciled in Jakarta, Indonesia in response to the growing interest in mobile applications in the market.
Initially oriented towards social media, the founders, who bring to the table wide-ranging IT, business and digital media experience, recognized the need for integrated mobile applications solutions that are designed for business enterprises. Within a year, PT Gilkor elicited venture capital interest from both local and international firms.
It received its first round of angel founding in 2012 followed by subsequent rounds. Along with its growing product and client base, Gilkor greatly emphasizes the development of its internal team and people. We firmly believe that attracting and cultivating the right people are essential to our success in creating standout business products through mobile application solutions.

Mengapa bergabung dengan kami?

We are looking for individuals who are team players, have the courage to give their professional opinions, can think outside the box and are committed to the team’s best interest.  If you have a problem saying no to people just so that you can play it safe, you are probably not who we are looking for.   Cultures and Values Teamwork- we see success and failure as a team achievement, not as individual team. We are a professional team first, family second.  We look out for the best interest of our teammates and our team and we respect one another. Accountability - The one rule we hold dearly is accountability.  You are accountable for your actions and promises. Humility- If you weren’t good, we wouldn’t hire you. But part of being good is willing to acknowledge that you don’t know everything, to acknowledge the mistakes you (and everybody including the bosses make), and tokeep learning. We urge our teammates to leave their egos outside the door and work with an open mind and open heart. Open minds, open communication - An honest, sincere relationship is what we cherish as it fosters a healthy work place.  Speak freely of your ideas and be ready to discuss things in a professional manner, whatever they may be. Hunger to learn- Embrace change and be an early adopter to push your creativity further. Love what you do - Creativity, passion and determination in producing the best work comes from loving what you do. Simplicity– We want to be as simple and efficient as possible. We’re not interested in being complicated. Keep meetings short, avoid jargon, and if there’s a simpler way of working please propose it. Keeping it real - We don't believe in hype.  We believe in people being real and giving credit where it’s deserved.  Just like this Culture and Values document was written from our beliefs and not something that we copy and pasted from other companies.  

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