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  • Usia maksimal 35 tahun
  • Pengalaman di posisi yang sama minimal 3 tahun di perusahaan FMCG
  • Memiliki pengalaman di auditor
  • Menguasai sistem dan peraturan tentang Perpajakan Indonesia
  • Mampu berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Inggris ( Aktif & Pasif )
  • Lebih diutamakan yang menguasai bahasa Mandarin
  • Menguasai program MS Office, lebih diutamakan yang menguasai program Akuntansi
  • Penempatan : Sentul
Kirimkan surat lamaran, CV dan pas photo terbaru ukuran 3x4(1 lembar) kepada:GM HRDPT SINAR SOSRO Jl. Raya Sultan Agung KM 28 Kelurahan Medan SatriaBekasi 17132 Jawa Barat
Kunjungi website kami : www.sosro.com
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Deskripsi Perusahaan

Having been, in the tea business since 1940s in the small town of SLAWI in Central Java, Indonesia, the SOSRODJOJO family decided to enter the nation's capital, Jakarta in 1960s.
In the effort of doing so, they found that brewing the tea and pouring it into clean, used bottles was the best way to do 'Taste Test'. After several years of using this method of promotion, the idea of selling ready-to-drink tea in a bottle was born. In 1969, the first bottles of Teh Botol SOSRO were introduced to the market and quickly established itself as the market leader. In answer to this growing popularity, the SOSRODJOJO family opened their first factory in Bekasi - Jawa Barat in 1974, under the name of PT. Sinar Sosro. This was the first factory for ready-to-drink- tea in glass bottles, not only in Indonesia, but also the world! With the aim of target of new segment, offering additional benefits and more choices flavours and packaging, PT. Sinar Sosro continues to launch more new tea and non tea beverages in conventional as well as new packaging. Currently, PT. Sinar Sosro has 11 factories, more than 160 sales offices and warehouses and about 8,000 employees throughout Indonesia. Each product has been exported to countries such as Brunei, U.S.A., Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Mongolia, Hongkong, South Korea, Singapore and Papua New Guinea.
Product & Services
In line with Sosrodjojo family philosophy of "Goodwill", PT. Sinar Sosro has developed a unique production system of hot filling, allowing it to produce its "SOSRO" brands of ready to drink tea naturally, without preservative, artificial colour and sweetener. Its product range includes our first and leading product "Tehbotol Sosro", made from freshly brewed Jasmine Tea and sweetened with cane sugar. For teenagers market, PT. Sinar Sosro offers its "Sosro Fruit Tea" series of products, a perfect combination of black tea and fruit concentrates. It is available in variety of flavors. As Indonesian market has become more health conscious, PT. Sinar Sosro introduced its green tea products under the flagship of "Sosro Joy Tea", as the consumers are more concerned about their health, this product has a good potential in the future. Throughout time, PT. Sinar Sosro also launched non tea based a non still beverage. For instance, PT. Sinar Sosro also aims to be a part of Drinking Water category with its "Prim-A" series. It also decided to enter fruit drink market with its, "Happy Jus" series, available in variety of flavors, for young children. Happy Jus is fortified with vitamin A, C and E plus Calcium. Another innovative product called "TEBS"; a unique ready to drink tea mixed with soda is also added to PT. Sinar Sosro products. Since its introduction, "TEBS" had achieved double digit growth and still going strong. In the future, PT. Sinar Sosro still plans to continue adding to its range of ready-to-drink tea products, leveraging on the popularity of our brand name, "SOSRO", and the trust that we already have from our consumers. Quality
Product quality is very important for the success of a ready-to-drink tea business. To ensure our strict quality control, we use an Integrated Quality Control System. This begins with the production process from the handling of the raw material all the way through to the distribution, meeting the health and safety standards of Indonesia's Health Department. It is this vigilant Quality Management System that has qualified PT Sinar Sosro to be awarded its ISO 9001 : 2000 certificate and its products have also been certified as "Halal" by Indonesian authorities.

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