Requirements :
-  usia Maksimal 35 tahun,
- Latar belakang pendidikan minimal S1 Teknik Industri, diutamakan Apoteker
- Berpengalaman minimal 1 tahun
- Memiliki planning skill yang baik
- Mampu bekerja secara individual maupun team
- Dapat bekerja dibawah tekanan
Responsibility :

- Membuat jadwal / perencanaan produksi bulanan
- Menetapkan target produksi bulanan dan mengatur jalannya produksi agar target produksi terpenuhi
- Berkoordinasi dengan pihak terkait menyelesaikan permasalahan terkait jalannya produksi
- Berkoordinasi dengan bagian produksi / pihak terkait dalam usaha untuk meningkatkan efisiensi produksi.
Ke halaman perekrut
Lowongan pekerjaan ini kemungkinan telah berakhir.

Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT PROMEDRAHARDJO PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES has been doing business in the field of Pharmacy since 2002, and has been doing a lot of innovation, and continuous investment in human resource development, improvement of infrastructure, information systems and technology to follow the rules of CGMP so that PT PROMEDRAHARDJO PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES has now become part of the Indonesia's health in the course by always keeping a commitment to continue to grow, developed and developing rapidly and dynamically in accordance with the motto "Right Medicine Cures the Patient" both now and in the future. And along with the development of the Company, PT PROMEDRAHARDJO PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES is also currently building a new factory which is expected to be completed construction in 2016. 2015 is the Year "LEVEL UP" for PT PROMEDRAHARDJO PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY.